6 Ways to Protect Your Car

When it comes to protecting your car, a little proactive effort can go a long way. Protect your car by checking on it and having it serviced regularly. Read this list of tips and check out car washes, auto stores, and personal insurance in Prince George to keep your car running its very best. After all, it’s better to keep an old car running its best for cheap than to shell out for repair after repair because of poor maintenance.

6 Ways to Protect Your Car

1. Get Your Oil Changed

Getting your oil changed is one of the simplest ways to protect your car. Yet it’s also one of the most overlooked. Most of us can get a sticker on the inside of our window once we get it changed. If it’s been so long that you don’t even have an oil change reminder sticker on your car, that means that you’re probably due for one. You can go to Jiffy Lube or one of several other auto chains that deal with cars and get the oil changed in under an hour. It’s a good idea to get your oil changed before it’s likely due just to make sure your car keeps running well.

2. Let It Warm Up In Winter

When it’s all cold out like it is in winter, sometimes it’s better to let your car warm up a little before driving it. Sit in the car and let it warm up for at least two minutes if you’re late or five minutes if you’ve got the time. Works great with remote starting car keys, too.

3. Have Good Auto Insurance

Having good auto insurance with a good auto insurance company can be a great way to protect your car. If you ever get into an accident, your auto insurance company will have you covered.If you’re looking for personal insurance in Prince George or just plain insurance with your auto insurance company, getting maximum coverage on your policy is always worth a second look.

4. Wash and Wax It

Washing your car regularly helps ensure that the paint stays new and fresh. Wash it by hand or just go to a car wash. You can also get the wax treatment at some car washes too. Regardless, buy waxing products at the store for a quick way to protect your car’s paint job (and shine).

5. Use A Sun Shield

A windshield sun shade blocks the sun, keeps your car cooler, and protects the interior from sun fading. This shade producer is a cheap way to protect your car and keep it looking great even ten years down the line. It’s a quick fix, but a good one.

6. Make Sure You Have Enough Coolant

Making sure that you have enough coolant in your car can be very important, especially in hot weather. Coolant is important because it’s going to be the component that makes sure your engine is constantly cool. You can check it or fill it anytime. Just be sure that if you have used your car recently that you turn it off and let it cool down for at least an hour before turning that coolant cap to be absolutely safe.

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